How to evaluate your medical equipment distributor.

How to evaluate your medical equipment distributor.

When starting or expanding the projects for your medical facility there are many things that need to be considered. Not only is it important to determine where this project should be located and how it should be configured, but also who is going to develop the plans and do the construction. It is always a good thing to do your due diligence to assure that the company you choose is the right one for the job. Below are several spheres which you should pay attention at to help you evaluate your medical equipment distributor to assure that they meet, and/or exceed, your expectations:
Experience in Medical Equipment Procurement:
Purchasing equipment items through a distributor that already has an established relationship with the manufacturer usually means getting a better deal.
Logistics & Warehousing: how your orders are managed and shipped to you plays a major role in the efficacy of your procurement process.
Staging & Assembly: as well, your equipment should be assembled, staged and delivered based on the floor and room of your facility.

Versatility of Delivery: this value added services protect you from unforeseen problems at the time of delivery. You need a distributor who can deliver to your facility without challenges.
Assembly and Setup: it is not sufficient to merely drop off the equipment items at the delivery door of this new, or newly renovated, facility. They need to be delivered Direct-to-Site to the specific area of use, assembled, or set-up, and checked out for proper functioning.
Bimedical is a medical equipment distributor with over 10 years experience, offering Direct-to-Site delivery services. We can provide the advice you need for getting the right equipment at the best cost. We can handle procurement, delivery, assembly, and completion of the entire order through one convenient point of contact.

  1. These guys gave me the best customer service, and a knowledgeable, understanding staff. I made my order via phone and they answered my every question assuming I’m a dilettante at medical equipment!

    1. I needed a qualified laborant equipment and didn’t know where to buy all the set. Fortunately, I found Bimedical and their customer service representative recommended me excellent brand of laborant stuff at affordable prices!

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